Arts At Bethany

God is the Chief Artist. Using colors, notes and sounds, senses, emotions, imagery, thoughts, dreams, and words, artists of all mediums are inspired by His Creation and create art that reflect the beauty and imagination displayed in His Creation. The arts give us creative and unique ways to express thought, feeling or emotion, and to teach and lead people. To that end, Bethany has a variety of ways individuals can Encounter God, Equip People or Engage Our City through the arts.

Below are some of the ministries or opportunities available throughout the year. For more information about any of these groups contact our Music Minister Serena Pearce.

Adult Choir

Practice Wednesdays 7:00pm | Sundays during morning Worship Service 
Each week the Adult Choir rehearses songs to be used during that week’s Worship Service to compliment the sermon. The choir, along with our drama ministry ACTS (see below), perform a Christmas and Easter Cantata each year open to the community. For those interested in joining the choir, contact Serena Pearce.

Praise Team and Praise Band

Practice Thursdays 7:00pm | Sundays during morning Worship Service 
Blending the traditional with the modern, our Praise Team and Band lead our congregation each week in worship.


The handbells are a unique musical group as they take the notes of several different bells played by different individuals (called “ringers”) and together they bring familiar music to life with a rich and vibrant sound. The handbells lead worship service twice a year.


Comprised of different orchestral instruments, our Ensemble gets together several times throughout the year to help lead worship during our Sunday morning Service.

Kids Choirs

Learn more about music opportunities for children by visiting our Bethany Kids page


Comprised of adults, teens and children ACTS tells the story of God’s redemptive plan through dramatic performances. The ACTS ministry joins our choir at Easter and Christmas for two special Cantatas, and on occasion performs during our Sunday morning Worship Service.