Engage Our City

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 We will be kicking Engage Our City Month off with a 24 Hour Prayer Event:


We will be have a time of focused prayer for 24 hours leading up to our mission week. The prayer slots will be in 30 minute increments starting at 9am Friday, June 2 until 9 am, June 3rd. We will have the sanctuary set up for a place of prayer with music and a prayer guide.You will be given the opportunity to kneel at the altar or sit if needed. The church will be open from 9 until midnight June 2 and reopen at 6am June 3rd until 9am.  The hours from midnight until 6 we ask you to pray from home.

We also need “hosts” to be at the church in 2 hour intervals throughout the time we are praying at the church for safety reasons. Those that cannot come to the church can pray from home or other location. The goal is to have continuous prayer for 24 hours. We can have more than one person for each slot. We will also have a Prayer Service from 7:00pm-8:30pm on June 2 for everyone to attend.



What is Engage Our City Month? 

Bethany's Mission as a church  is to be an active part of the lives of our neighbors, surrounding community and even our global community, both corporately and as individuals. And Engage Our City Month is just one of the ways that we do this! There will be several events and fundraisers throughout the month of June that will give us the ability to reach our neighbors whether they live right next to us, or 6,000 miles away!


What happens during Engage Our City Month?

Our biggest event for Engage Our City Month is Serve Our City Week! Serve Our City will be from June 4-June 10th this year and will be filled with nightly events that reach our city of Wendell, NC. For more info, please CLICK HERE to go to the Serve Out City page to figure out how you can get involved!


How can I get involved?

- Come on Sunday mornings to hear updates from some of our Mission partners and to learn more about how you can engage your city in everday life.

- Give any time in June to "Bethany Missions" and be a part of helping us reach our local and globl city.

- Click here to sign up for different Serve Our City Week Projects.

- Find ways to partner with friends or other Bethany family members to reach your neighbors or co-workers this month.

- Pray this month for those in your city who may be far from Jesus.

- Prayer walk with your family through your neighborhood.