Bethany Sent

Bethany Sent is the mission initiative of Bethany Baptist Church that seeks to equip each person to live “missional”, or “sent,” lives and to work together as a church body to live as missionaries within culture. We believe that the church is not a building or address, but is where its people are.


broyhill       Our Broyhill Mission Trip will be July 20-24. We will be working with Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina. You can sign up at the Connection Center!
engage our city rotator       Engage Our City is a month long event at Bethany where we serve our Local City and raise money for our Global City. We will have Serve Our City Week from June 4-10 as we reach our local neighbors. 
KENYA 2023       We will be going to Kenya in July to partner with World Wide Wells to bring physical water to the people of Kenya as well as sharing the Good News of the Living Water that Jesus offers!

In Matthew 28, Jesus sends His disciples to live as missionaries and ambassadors within culture wherever they go, from Jerusalem to the outer ends of the earth. As such, we seek to equip our members to live “sent” lives; to live as a community within a community or city within our city. We actively teach and equip our members to take personal responsibility for their calling by Christ to be the Gospel in their workplaces, communities, neighborhoods, schools, etc. As a Missional (or “sent”) church, we challenge our members to intentionally seek to be more central to the lives of their communities and focus less on just trying to make it to church or “doing” church.

The Bible always speaks of missions as an active way of life and calling. Our vision for missions comes directly from Acts 1:8, which says:

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you, and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

This verse is both a geographical and cultural calling for all believers. It is a calling to take the Gospel (and be the Gospel) to all places and all cultures, including the ones in our own communities and clear across the globe to the furthest people group. To put this verse in practical language:

“But [church], you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you, and you will be My witnesses in [Raleigh], in all [North Carolina] and [the United States], and to the ends of the earth.”

According to the Bible, missions is both organic and intentional. Organic in that it is to happen naturally in the activities of the people of the church in their every day lives. Intentional in that the people of the church actively seek ways to love, serve and lead people in their communities, city, state, country and global community. To help identify projects and opportunities intentionally launched from Bethany, we have identified three platforms from which missions happen organically and intentionally: S1, S2, S3 (the “S” referring to our calling to live a “sent” life as missionaries wherever we are or go).



S1 logo

S1: Our “Jerusalem”
Wendell and Surrounding Raleigh Communities

S1 projects are the intentional and organic daily ministry opportunities that take place right here in our city. This includes Bethany Members serving and loving their “neighbors” (literal neighbors, coworkers, family, school communities, etc.), Sunday Small Groups working together to minister to those in our city or our church coordinating church-wide efforts to serve our community.



S2 logo

S2: Our “Judea and Samaria”
North Carolina and North America

S2 projects are the intentional ministry opportunities and partnerships launched from Bethany throughout North Carolina and North America. In most cases, these projects are conducted in partnership with other churches, church plants or organizations to allow for long term ministry in that area.

Some of our more recent projects:
Manhattan, New York (2002), Queens, New York (2006), Brownsville, Texas/Mexico (2008), Albuquerque, New Mexico (2009), Bryson City, NC (2012, 2013), Philadelphia, PA (2013), Celebrate Recovery (helping church communities launch their own programs)



S3 logo

S3: The “Ends of the Earth”
Global Community/International Projects

S3 projects are the intentional global partnerships and projects launched from Bethany. In most cases, these projects are conducted in partnership with other churches, missionaries, international workers or organizations to allow for continued and long term ministry in that area. Many of these projects work to encourage existing churches or workers or aid in the starting of a new church in an international area.

Some of our more recent projects:
India (funded a well in a rural community, 2008), Kenya, Africa (2010), West Bank, Palestine (2007), Israel (2010, 2014)

Interested in plugging in and being part of reaching and loving our community? Get connected with one of our ministries or Sunday Small Groups.